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About NDI

The Media Currency: helping artists market, manage and monetize their creative content and rewarding audiences for their participation on the platform.

NDI is the utility Token for use in the mobile and browser based indieOn App. Built on a consensus-based media platform, we incorporate a voting system which facilitates subscribed community members to vote on the music. This provides a level of quality control and leads engagement with the community.

Community members who listen to and vote on a piece of music will be rewarded with tokens. This incentive approach creates the "music miner" who listens to music and votes on each selection. This grows the listener base, revenue and enhances the user experience.

Tokens are currency within the App and also store of value for acquirers.


Use Of Blockchain

indieOn is a consensus based platform facilitating a better user experience with incentives for voting and token rewards.

The Music Miner

    The consensus-based media platform incorporates a voting system which facilitates community members to vote on the music. The community members must be subscribers. This provides a level of quality control and engagement by the community. Those community members who listen to and vote on a piece of music will be rewarded with tokens. This incentive approach encourages community members to listen more and vote more thus growing the listener base, revenue and the user experience.


  • Identity of artist and claim is attached to these identities (ERC725/ERC735)

  • Artist own their creative work, with chain of custody smart contracts

  • Decentralized disbursal of payments, tokens and collectible badges(ERC721) via a decentralized governance & self-sustained platform

Proprietary Database

  • All artist IP related info would be housed in a decentralized

  • Third party services can be licensed as a revenue source, allowing them interact with this database in future for analytics and partner entertainment contracts

Growth Strategy

The new age of commerce demands a decentralized trustless system and the means to transfer value between participants.
The new age of immersive entertainment experiences demands a new platform built from the ground up on Blockchain technology.

Ticket Sales

indieOn will be the go-to source for concert and event tickets. Buyers will have pre and post event merchandise purchasing opportunities as well as Tip Jar and other artist reward opportunities.

Sync & Watch

Video and Audio streaming that allows people in different locations to watch the same streamed media at the same time. Play, pause, seek. Always watch the same thing at the same time.

Distance Entertainment

From the night club to the concert, indieOn customers can be there live or stream a recorded event. Added to the Multiview Rooms, indieOn creates limitless Multi-Media experiences.

indieOn App Feature

Key features

Features that improves artist's ability to monetize and manage their creative content


Is a digital platform for artists to better protect, manage and monetize their creative content, media and merchandise


NDI music token allows acquirers to store value, exchange tokens for cash or use for purchases on the indieOn platform


Enhances the experience for consumers, subscribers and casual users of the indieOn platform


A consensus platform allowing community members to be fully engaged with each other and with the music selection for the platform


Ticket sales, promotional artist marketing to potential purchasers


Revenue generation, extensive audience, reach for advertisers


indieOn – powered by Blockchain

indieOn is a new platform ( powered by Blockchain technology ) that improves artists ability to monetize and manage their creative content.

  • A digital platform for artists to market, manage and monetize the full range of their creative content and merchandise.
  • A music token (NDI) that allows participators to store future value and make purchases within the indieOn App.
  • A truly intimate experience for listeners, viewers, and purchasers of artist’s creative content.
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Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us and about product.


Road Map

Our path at indieOn

Q1 2018
  • Concept building
  • Technology architecture building
Q2 2018
Build indieOn APP
  • Web & App Development
  • Blockchain Architecture
Q3 2018
VC/ITO for Revenue
  • ITO Pre-Sale Launch
  • Seed Fund Raising
  • iOS App Launch
Q4 2018
App Beta Launch
  • Android App beta version release
Meet The Team

Executive team

The ITO Crypto Team combines a passion for experts, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Nigel Rudlin
Founder & CEO

Skunk Works developer with Lockheed. Successful entrepreneur in financial services sector. Passionate about artist remuneration.

Sheryle Moon

Founder and C-Suite positions of multiple global businesses in professional services and art precincts.

Micah Hale
Managing Partner

Lifelong entrepreneur, CEO of Medicine Man Inc. Early adopter Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

David (DJ) Alazzawi
Media Research Consultant

Currently one of the most sought after performers and consultants in the USA.  Has relationships with multi-platinum selling artists and record labels.


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