About indieOn
The Vision of the indieOn founders was to create a community where Artists and Audiences share and appreciate creative content in a safe and rewarding environment. The indieOn utility Token is used to reward content creators and subscribers. Rewards incentivize engagement within the community and provides an economic ecosystem for all participants.


Use Of Blockchain


  • Identity of artist and claim is immutable and secure

  • Artists own their creative work, with a chain of custody smart contracts

  • Decentralized disbursal of payments, tokens and collectible badges via a decentralized governance & self-sustained platform

Proprietary Database

  • All artist IP related info would be housed in a decentralized

  • Third party services can be licensed as a revenue source, allowing them interact with this database in future for analytics and partner entertainment contracts

Growth Strategy

The new age of commerce demands a decentralized trustless system and the means to transfer value between participants

The new age of immersive entertainment experiences demands a platform built from the ground up on Blockchain technology

The new age of startup investors demand Founders and Directors with diversity, especially gender diversity

The new age of artists demand better identity and digital rights protection

The new age of content creators demand faster payments at a higher rate than existing platforms

The new age of entertainment demands indieOn

indieOn App Feature

Key features

a truley digital platform that removes the complexities of intermediaries that exist in current industry arrangements


Blockchain technologies provide better transparency to Artists about their indieOn payments which are greater and faster than current platform payouts


the NDI token facilitates rewards artists and subscribers in the indieOn community. In future NDI acquirers can exchange tokens for cash or use for InApp purchases


Artists undertake a rigorous identity process based on Blockchain Smart Contracts to ensure an immutable identity and protect Digital Rights regulations


Subscriber costs are low as revenue will come from InApp merchandise sales and advertising revenue as companies target the extensive audience reach of the platform


indieOn – powered by Blockchain

indieOn is a community based platform ( powered by Blockchain technology ) that provides fim, music or podcasters with a better capability to distribute, market, manage and monetize their creative content.

  • Easy to use mobile and web Apps for content creators and subscribers
  • An entertainment token (NDI) that allows community participants to make purchases within the indieOn App
  • A truly intimate experience for listeners, viewers, and purchasers of an artist’s creative content
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Road Map

Our path at indieOn has to date been bootsrapped by the Founders and an early stage investor. Our mobile and web Apps are fully functional and live. We are currently engaging with potential investors for the commercialization of the indieOn platform.

Q1 2018
  • Concept building
  • Technology architecture building
Q2 2018
Build indieOn APP
  • Web & App Development
  • Blockchain Architecture
Q3 2018
Android and IOS Applications build with strategic partners
  • Legal compliance achieved for accredited investors in the US
Q4 2018
App Beta Launch
  • Android App beta version release
  • Partnership with Santa Fe Music Festival
  • State of New Mexico Film Office Partnership
  • Partnership with Mark Weber & NAMM
Q1 2019
Rewards program Merchandising & Marketing
Q2 2019
Internal Testing
  • Content building
Q3/Q4 2019
Online store
  • ICO
  • Content building
Q1/Q2 2020
Beta Testing, Token Listing and Launch
Meet The Team

Founders and Board Executive

The indieOn Founders combine have years of experience in the retail, arts, entertainment and event space. Two thirds of the Founders and Board are women with strong industry expertise & proven record in building and commercializing start-up projects.

Nigel Rudlin
Founder & CEO

Extensive technology experience. Previous Skunk Works developer with Lockheed. Successful entrepreneur in financial services sector. Passionate about artist remuneration.

Sheryle Moon
Founder and CMO

Founder, Australian Businesswomen of the Year and experience in C-Suite positions of multiple global businesses in professional services and art precincts.

Andrea Vassallo
Founder and Sales Director

Andrea has extensive experience in retail startup businesses and professional sporting services. Her event precinct in Santa Fe is well recognized for its professionalism.


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